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Googles goes DRM, Adobe Flash is now in real trouble.

December 6th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Google just purchased Widevine, a major DRM player (Read here).  This turns Google into a content super power like Apple and Microsoft.  The need for a Switzerland of content DRM, Adobe Flash, is now disappearing.  Is Adobe Flash really running out of options?

As a developer, watching the propaganda of HTML5 completely wiping out Flash has been disturbing.  Its simply not the case.  HTML5, will reduce the need to Flash type technologies but as a development tool, HTML5 and that way it works sucks.  Its only saving grace is that it does have so much industry support from so many players.

HTML5 as a development technology is disjointed, uses a plethora of different standards to build interfaces.  Its a recipe for hi-costs and impossible maintenance.  Media industry, please stop drinking the coolade and listen to the developers, not the PR departments.

Google purchasing Widevine and becoming a premium content super power.  Now that’s likely to be more damaging to Flash they HTML5 could ever be.

HTML5, as it matures and developers figure out it costs far more to implement then the nice rounded developer environments from Microsoft, Apple and Adobe, will defiantly splinter Flash.  The <video> tag will defiantly reduce its general use be a huge amount.  But it is the need for a proprietary video player that supports content protection (DRM) that would have kept Flash on every device.  This move by Google changes this, and now every content provider super power has their own DRM system to push.

Flash will always have a future as will Silverlight.  There are simply to many really nice features HTML5 will never touch.

The real move here now for Adobe is to stop trying to play nice with the incumbent gate keepers.  Apple, Microsoft, Google will always trump that.  Adobe now need to open up its DRM technology to the masses and start supported the inevitable consumer to producer model.

This would be very easy to do as they can always release the content Management Systems available for Flash, as very inexpensive tools any producer could afford.

Imagine the Adobe DRM server for $1000.  A simply linux server tool that allows you to create content, encrypt it, place it on all the torrent sites..

The end users download it and try and play it..

Screen pops up. Please make 50cent micro transaction to unlock content…  Over the top of any embedded Flash capable player on any device.  Click yes.


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  • 1 m0db0y // Dec 13, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    Not really quite a valuable patent for video streaming is owned by Move Networks. Apple, Microsoft and Google use the method patented by Move Networks. Flash uses its own streaming method and Adobe owns this patent.

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