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Google Plus, the alternative to facebook I am looking for.

July 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Google Plus looks great.  Its been a while since I have blogged but this is defiantly something I simply have to speak up about.  Put it simply, my initial impressions is that Google Plus is the alternative to Facebook I have always wanted but was not sure how it would actually look like.  All the little issues I have with Facebook or don;t like about facebook seem to be addressed in Google Plus.  It seems to be a tool for me and not a tool for Zuckerburg to take advantage of my information or to promote to me.

One of the main reasons I am excited about it, but at the same time dissapointed (see below), is that CIRCLES seems perfect for making my hundreads of connections, Family, friends, co-workers etc. manageable from the one account.  I will not have to keep different accounts that portray me differently to different groups..

For example, when in work related groups, I am all serious and not much fun, while in groups of my close friends, I am a bit of a joker and like to take the piss out of things..

I need to keep these “FACES” I like to call them, seperate.  But at the same time, I cannot manage my online existance through a plethora of different portals (Multiple gmail acounts, facebook, linked in. goes on and on..)  Its just not manageable.

At early glance and from the information I am getting, Google Plus should be able to handle this complex problem from one central account.  I cannot wait..

There is just one MAJOR problem Google needs to fix..  Google Apps accounts are still not available due to the fact they do not have profiles associated with them.. I live in  my Google Apps account…..  The word is that this support is months away, but then again it has been just around the corner for 12 months now..

It will be a massive FAIL if Google Plus does goes public without Google Apps support.

Otherwise.  Google, you have surprised me.  This actually looks great out of the gate.  Not like Buzz and WAVE, Interesting tech/tools but not a simple path to seeing what it can do for me..  Log into Google Plus, the amazing interface design and best of class HTML5 design.  Easy to use, pritty to watch.

Facebook feels like a black and white TV. Google Plus feels like the new Colour TV behind the show room glass.  Look whats coming..
All I can say is.  I want it now..   Its just go to work in my Google Apps account…

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